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More moving blogging

We packed up Tuesday with what we thought was everything under control. The car carrier trailer we needed wasn’t ready to be picked up until later in the afternoon. The truck seemed heavy after loading and I called the truck place asking what the maximum weight was just to be on the safe side. They […]

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We made it

It became too much of a pickle to continue posting during our trip after 12 hour days of driving the truck. But now that I have slept for another couple of days in my new home in Texas I am feeling up to giving an update. WE MADE IT! There are boxes all around the […]

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Turlock to Palmdale

Today was a lot nicer. My back started hurting and my lymph infection started acting up and we had to only go 350 miles. We finally got out of Aunt Mary’s at about 11 pm and drove as fast as we could on 99. The road was absolute crap. We got accross the Grapevine and […]

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Truck Trouble

Funny how things don’t work the way you expect. We loaded the truck on Tuesday with the help of many fine photographer friends. Litttle did I know that the truck had been over loaded by 2600 pounds. At 7:45 we left Grants Pass and took my truck to a shop in Medford Wednesday morning after […]

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