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Bride on The Run: Britney!

Britney had her bridals done in a very hot October, but somehow found a way to look cool and collected. I’ll have to take lessons from her on how to achieve this because I was covered in sweat! Her bridals are some of my favorite from 2006! I’ve been freed to try some new lighting […]

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Come to Grants Pass to die!

But then comes the winter months and the town quickly becomes a cold hell.  The snowbirds move to Phoenix and along with them goes all hopes for extra cash for those semi-employed.  In this small town of 25,000 people find it hard to eek out a meager living unless they are in the profession of […]

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The WPJA Sucks

I’m usually quite  a hot head.  When people cross me I don’t react well.  I assume that everyone is out to get me.  It must have something to do with being brought up in a dirt house or something.  Usually I try to be light hearted and keep out of situations which require resolution skills.  […]

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5.07 hours delivering Pizza for Dominoes

For years and years I thought it would be fun to deliver pizza.  It was one of those jobs that I thought always would be fun, but never actually tried.  How hard could it be?  When I was younger I wasn’t very driven to do anything thing.  I was a carpenter and thought I’d be […]

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