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Bride on The Run: Ashleigh!

I’m shooting weddings for Two Ashleys this year! Both of them are having bridal portraits done and this one who spells her name a little different from the rest had me drive out to League City near Houston to shoot her bridal session at a cousin/aunt/relative’s house on a very dirty lake called Clear Lake […]

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TWO RINGS BIND THEM: Chelsea and Ray at Chapel Dulcinea!

Ray’s greatest fear was to look like a gay biker. He said that all the pictures ever taken of him portrayed him in this light and that wasn’t really his style. He met Chelsea, a nice school teacher, and the two of them together decided to tie the knot at Chapel Dulcinea a little bit […]

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Shot in The Dark: Ladies with Strings!

Victoria, Alexis and Rebecca are part of a small string ensemble in Austin, Texas. They all have students and are accomplished professional musicians. Here are some of the images that we shot of them. I chose red to shoot on because I had just bought the background and thought, ‘What the heck? I bought red […]

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