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TWO RINGS BIND THEM: Farah and Spence at the Vista at Seward Hill!

April is beautiful this year and the day of Farah and Spence’s wedding was a fantastic temperature for a wedding. The Vista on Seward Hill was a beautiful location. I liked this wedding so much,and I know you will too. Just take a look.

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TWO RING BINDS THEM: Denyse and Andy at the Salt Lick Pavilion!

Andy and Denyse had a really laid back wedding at the Saltlick Pavilion. They didn’t have cake and they weren’t traditional at all, but had their own idea of what a wedding should be like: A really big party. And that’s what it was. After a short ceremony out near the creek, they all flooded […]

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Bride on the Run: Janna!

Janna is one of the few people who drove with me all the way into Austin to do her shoot without my wife to keep conversations fresh and exciting. I tend to not talk as much as my wife which is pretty normal. Christina had to watch the kids that day, but we did some […]

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Bride on the Run: Lisa!

Lisa came out of the now where. She had been married in May of 2006 but due to the fact that her dress only showed up a week before her wedding she never had time to get a bridal portrait. Apparently the photographer for her wedding didn’t want to shoot her bridal portrait ten months […]

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