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TWO RINGS BIND THEM: Ashley and Lucas at Barton Creek Resort!

Sometimes it good to let the pictures speak for themselves. But most of the time I can’t find a way to keep myself from typing something the people in the pictures so you’ll have to wade through a few more words to get the pictures. I know that’s what you’re really here for. The wedding […]

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TWO RINGS BIND THEM: Joy and Clyde at the Doubletree Hotel!

People must think of me as the party photographer because there are no weddings that I shoot where there isn’t a fabulous party going on afterwards which I capture with my own personal style which gives off the impression of a drunken ninja, but trully brings back the memories which everyone feels as their are […]

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TWO RINGS BIND THEM: Kim and James at Kindred Oaks!

These two were bundle of fun energy! The grooms mother saw me shooting pictures and told me that she thought the groom and I could be brothers. I knew we were starting out on the right foot shooting that day. This was at Kindred Oaks up near Georgetown on a very hot June Sunday. This […]

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Engage! Tracia and Chris!

I got a good feeling from these two as soon as I met them. I never figured they be up for such a crazy adventure on a muggy day in June. The pictures speak for themselves. I think this one has become my favorite engagement image of all time. It looks like a movie poster […]

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