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Engage: Carrie and Nick!

Carrie and Nick were waiting in the shade of a tree in front of the Capital Building. I figured they were the couple I was going to shoot though I had never seen either of them before. I tried to think of a really cool way of introducing myself other than the traditional, “Hi I’m […]

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I am not a cake maker. Buy a cake from someone else!

My son Edmond and I participated in the Cub Scouts ‘Lad and Dad Bake-off’ where we created this bizarre contraption of culinary confusion. The deal was that we got no help from Mom which was a dangerous road to travel. My hat now goes off to the cake makers who provide elegant, beautiful memorable wedding […]

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Engage! Sara and Chris!

Sara and Chris were fun! We shot at the Capital, then Mount Bonnell where they got engaged, the 360 bridge and then back downtown and we happened upon a neon house that just screamed SHOOT ME! It was such a beautiful day!

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Senior: Zak!

Zak was tired. He had been out until midnight playing in a football game the night before and had gotten up at 6 a.m. for his SATs the following morning. He pulled it off without a hitch though. He pushed through with a sleep deprived relaxed look for half of the shoot then shaved in […]

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