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Two Rings Bind Them: Andrea and Trey at Hotel Derek in Houston!

Down in Houston everything is bigger. Weddings seem to be no exception. The wedding took place at the Hotel Derek and was a fun filled wedding with a lot of surprises for the guests. Their ceremony was very theatrical and Andrea entered like a super model striding in to a roaring fanfare of music and […]

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STUDIO 2.0: 30 days of HELL!

I’d pretty much given up on finding a studio in Austin and had resigned myself to a 120 square foot office space where I did all of my post production there. It was a nice tiny little space, but it was a little frustrating because I still had to meet people in coffee shops which […]

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ENGAGE! Laura and Justin!

We’d been rained out for Laura and Justin’s engagement session on our first try but I think it ended up working out well because the day we shot was quite possibly the most beautiful day of the year! We began at 10 a.m. They had had a little catastrophe earlier in the morning when Justin […]

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Cruisin’ the Pacific

My very favorite of things from my childhood of living in a dirt house with goats and chickens and being poor as dirt was when my mom won a cruise down the Mexican Riviera from a radio station in 1984. During that week long cruise from Los Angeles I don’t remember an awful lot of […]

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