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Studio Opening Party

WOOHOO! I did it again. By the grace of God I once again have a studio to meet people in and shoot if the weather is inclimate or if I just feel like exploring light! It was a long arduous journey through a lot of pain and suffering and yelling and throwing things and bending […]

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Engage: Jennifer and Todd!

Jennifer and Todd live near SOCO so it only made sense to shoot around SOCO which was a lot of fun! These two looked like they had been practicing smiling in the mirror at home before they came to the shoot. Big happy smiles were to be found everywhere. It took a little bit of […]

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If you weren’t certain, Brad plays football. We had so many shots that had the football in them that I thought about doing a Where’s Waldo type book of Brad for my kids to see if they could spot the sometimes hidden, sometimes not hidden football in the pictures. It was WINDY when we went […]

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Bride On the Run: Ashley!

Ashley said she loved the name of my business and that’s what sold her on hiring me. I supposed it’s a good thing that I actually happen to be very good at taking pictures as well as having the ability to come up with memorable business names. I keep coming back to these images of […]

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