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Two Rings Bind Them: Ashley and Larkin at Green Pastures!

Ashley and Larkin were married at Green Pastures in South Austin. Shooting weddings is fun there and the food is quite frankly amazing. It’s the place I shoot weddings the most these days. I’ve got several weddings there this year alone. I don’t know what time Ashley got there in the morning, but it was […]

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SENIOR: Megan!

We shot a couple of shots in the studio for Megan’s senior portrait and then wondered on downtown to shoot in the warehouse district. These are some of my favorite senior portraits as of late. Of course since I am working hard to always push the envelope in the creative department my most recent shoot […]

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Bride on the Run: Emily!

I just kept thinking of Snow White while shooting Emily’s bridal at the capital and downtown. Her dress was very unique in a very Disney Princess way. I liked it. It was certainly different from the every day dress.

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Two Rings Bind Them: Claire and Jeremy at the Driskill Hotel!

It was very nice on Claire and Jeremy’s wedding day. We started the day with Claire at the the Driskill Hotel in downtown. There were several familiar faces from weddings I had shot before. I appreciate referrals so very much! There is no better way to find new clients than having the old clients rave […]

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