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Bride On The Run: Megan!

Megan is my drama queen bride. Boy, does she know how to pose. But I noticed something was a little bit off. She wasn’t as bubbly was she was when we did the engagement shoot with Josh. I thought maybe she was only happy when she was with her beloved. Halfway during the shoot she […]

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Bride On The Run: Estella!

Estella is one the of sweetest and shyest people I’ve ever met. She looked absolutely gorgeous and after doing some nice portraits we went into fashion overdrive.

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Media Terrorism

There was a fire at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Calif. a week or two back. The most notable part of the headline was that a section of the Back To The Future Set was destroyed. I’ve been on the tram ride through there a couple of times and experienced the little false town square […]

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Blank thought

At first it was the criminals. That’s all fine and good. Nobody needs any criminals. Then it was the troublemakers. That’s good too if everyone has the same definition of troublemaker. Then they came for those who were saying things that somebody didn’t like. The upstarts who may have been thinking a little too much […]

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