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Me Oh My, Mercy Me performance photographs!

I helped out running TV camera at church today for a Mercy Me concert. We go to a big church in Austin so there are actually four TV cameras, a director, a graphics person, a iris person and a whole pile of other people who do audio and lights who I don’t know. I also […]

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Engage: Katherine and Ed!

Katherine brought ginger bread cookies. Tasty soft ones. Katherine is a library science student and claims that she cooks when she is stressed. Gosh if all of us could just cook when we are stressed instead of eat. The world would be filled with cookies and pies stacked to the top of every roof, in […]

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Two Rings Bind Them: Angela and Corey’s wedding at the Inn at Wild Rose Hall!

Angela and Corey had their wedding at the Inn At the Wild Rose Hall in South Austin. They lived in the Dallas area and had decided some time ago that they wanted to eventually move to Austin and the first step was to have their wedding here. I looked at different cities to move to […]

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Engage! Marni and Darrell’s engagment at the Texas Capitol!

I didn’t know who Megan Fox was. I suppose I was among a small number of guys who did not know who she was. I guess she’s the hot new thing? I found out she was in the Transformers though I only found out about a couple of weeks ago. I think Marni looks a […]

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