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Engage: Daniel and Naomi couples photography in Medford, Oregon!

I did a little clinic for my friend Coral with some of the new lighting we’ve been doing on our shoots that make them pop more than ever. She’s a brilliant available light genius and can make images really look better than life, but has very little experience using her strobes. Hence the photography clinic […]

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Austin Photo Booth Excitement is Coming Your Way!

I’ve been doing research lately on something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: a photo booth. I know, you’ve seen them all already doing there thing in Austin and they all do a good job. But where is the flair? Where is the sophistication? Where is something more creative than the traditional box […]

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Senior Portraits! Morgan at the studio, downtown and at the stable

Morgan came a long way for her senior pictures! All the way from Columbus, Ohio, she came to visit family in Austin. While she was here she wanted senior pictures that were new and different from what every one else was getting in Columbus so she came to me. She oozed personality and was a […]

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