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Two Rings Bind Them: Josh and Michelle wedding photos at Dove Canyon Courtyard in Orange County, California!

How often do you get to shoot a wedding for someone with whom you went to elementary school, high school, college, were in a band, and have known for over 20 years?  Not every day, that’s for sure! We knew we had to do something special, something completely over the top for Josh and his […]

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Bride on the run! Ginny at the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi!

Now that Ginny and Scott have tied the knot, we can finally retroactively post these awesome images from Ginny’s bridal!  We had so much fun traveling down to Corpus Christi where Ginny grew up.   We started inside at the South Texas Museum of Art where Ginny’s wedding reception was going to take place.  Then […]

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Engage! Lindsay and Trent’s engagment photos in downtown Austin!

Every wedding is a wonderful opportunity to get to know a couple and find out what makes them tick.  We have made some amazing friends that way. But sometimes you have the pleasure of working with someone you already know and love.  This was certainly the case with Lindsay and Trent.  Lindsay is the event […]

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Engage! Maryam and David’s engagement pictures at Penn Field and the 360 Bridge

We first met the lovely and vivacious Maryam at Charlie’s wedding in 2007.  Maryam was the best bridesmaid ever! She came along for Charlie and Derek’s engagement shoot and wrangled their dogs. She came along for Charlie’s bridal shoot and was the perfect production assistant. And of course she took care of Charlie on the […]

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