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I met Brittnee at Janna and Ryan’s wedding that I shot in May at Villa Antonia within site of Lake Travis. Her fiance had just left the day before on a tour Iraq.

Her bridal was on a pretty cool day which Brittnee refused to call ‘freezing’ though I think her mom and sister-in-law all agreed that it was FREEZING! Other than the FREEZING weather, it was a fantastic day. We shot at the Capital but worked hard to make it not really look like a tradition Capital shoot with the Capital Building in the background. Hey, that’s what I do: Something different. After FREEZING at the Capital for a period of time, Brittnee was very happy to hop into the warm car and drive downtown for a while to shoot around the warehouse district, one of those places that I never get bored of shooting. It was awesome!

I love it! So undignified for a bride to be shouting at a public pay phone but it’s so perfect at the same time! It’s just so rebellious!



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