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My old friend, Josh, found himself Michelle, a nice girl from Glendale, CA, and here are a few pictures from a shoot I did for them. We only could meet after it got dark, so just about every shot needed to be lit which made shooting a little harder than usual. The sun is a wonderful light source, and you’ve got to be a little more creative and patient when shooting in the dark.

Josh has a job in Hollywood working at a digital HD camera rental house for motion picture and television production which I have visited on several occasion. He has free reign of the place and all of the gear that’s not rented, and we have had a great deal of fun experimenting with the same cameras that were used to shoot Star Wars, Episode II and III. On our last visit we didn’t have time to come up with some crazy HD project to shoot, so we didn’t visit the rental house.  But Josh was telling me that they have the new Red Camera made by the folks at Oakley Sunglasses which is supposed to be the most revolutionary HD camera in the world with something like 12 MP per frame at 30 frames a second. The biggest problem right now is that most places aren’t set up to edit a digital file with that much information. Maybe we’ll get one of these if these two decide to get married and we shoot his wedding. Wouldn’t that be a treat?!



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