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Allison and Trey seem to be obsessed with my couch. They were surprised when I showed up at their shoot and didn’t have the couch lodged in the backseat of my Scion Xb. Apparently they thought I just took the couch with me everywhere I went and used it as a prop in every shoot. That’s not exactly the case though if you ask my really nicely, I might throw it in the back of the car and bring it out to your shoot. To make up for not bringing it to the shoot I promised that I could bring it out to their wedding in Houston in April which may or may not be a good idea. This couch has been around a lot lately. Maybe I should register a domain just for the couch. How does www.rebelwithacouch.com sound?

Aside from not shooting on the couch, the shoot went well and we were able to make many unique images around Austin!



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