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When Nycole first contacted me, I knew that she was going to be fun. I had no idea at all how similar her and her fiance, Brad were to my wife and I. I had this idea to shoot in one of Austin’s most desolate and decrepid suburbs, and knew as soon as met this couple that they were the ones to shoot in it. It’s like SOCO, but older and without any of the urban renewal going on. I’m talking about Taylor, Texas. It’s the ideal location for a high fashion shoot and I decided to give an engagement a whirl out there.

We found out that out taste in film was very similar as well during our almost 3-hours of shooting. ‘Brondo has what plants crave,’ was the line from a movie that just kept us laughing the whole time.

We tried a few new lighting techniques during their shoot and was very happy with the results. It’s great to know how to shoot in any condition under any light, but it’s even better to know the camera so well that you don’t let it do any thinking for you anymore.



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