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I love my haircut! And this is the lady who makes me look like a human being. A daunting task no less. When I first met Samantha for her wedding consultation she had curly hair. When I shot her engagements below she had straight hair and I wasn’t even sure if it was her or not. She has many looks I suppose. But she and Dustin looked fabulous for their engagement session! We shot in the Georgetown Square, a place that I’ve wanted to shoot for a while because it was so very quaint and filled with great old buildings including the courthouse which is absolutely amazing. We shot in front of an old antique store that had closed for the day and Dustin made the comment that a good deal of stuff they left out in the front of the store had been there since he was a kid. After the square we ended up at Dustin’s family ranch where we shot near the creek and in an wide open green field. It was a fantastic shoot!



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