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Katherine brought ginger bread cookies. Tasty soft ones. Katherine is a library science student and claims that she cooks when she is stressed. Gosh if all of us could just cook when we are stressed instead of eat. The world would be filled with cookies and pies stacked to the top of every roof, in every street and it would be a worldwide over population of pastries. It would destroy the fabric of reality as we know it so it is good that only Katherine was the stress baker and the rest of us were happy to digest her little ginger bread men.

Now, not to tear you too far away from cookies but Ed, a non-cookie making programmer guy, was also there to complete the couple and provide us with entertainment as he tried to find the patterns in the way my brain works. I don’t know if he succeeded. The shoot was a lot of fun with Ed trying to figure out the randomness that makes me get up in the morning. From the limited amount of programming and math that I studied in college, I am pretty sure that there is an algorithm to recreating the process it takes to be me. Ed may be reverse engineering me as we speak. But beyond all of that the pictures looked nice.



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