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New year. New Logo Old pictures that I found from the past.

Christina in her most daring role to date. This is the master suite in our rental house in 2004. When I’m not taking pictures I can do some amazing things with wood, drywall and paint and then some. Visit my studio some time. I was painting some shelves for my studio in this room while we were remodeling the house and the studio at the same time.

I put plastic sheets up on the wall to protect the walls from the black paint I was spraying with an airless sprayer.

After an hour of spraying the shelves I wasn’t all the way there anymore and started painting words on the walls. Yes, paint fumes tend to fuel the mind in mysterious ways.

Called my wife and said to get on her weird hippie clothes and do herself up because I had an idea. After calling her I spun around and around on the floor to mix the black paint into the crud on the floor and give it some wild circular patterns. Then I walked home in the rain to get the wife. I left foot prints on the street for 1/2 a mile because I had caked so much paint onto them with the spinning.

I used one strobe on the camera bouncing and cranked it up an extra stop to make the room really white.

I haven’t ever used drugs, nor did I start drinking until I was 32, but this is the second time I’ve been high from paint fumes. The first was with my father-in-law. Weird, huh?



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