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Man the allergies are brutal this time of the year. Megan is my yard stick of allergies because she’s pretty quickly effected by whatever is blowing in the wind. I haven’t lived here long enough to know if I am dying or if it is just an allergy. She keeps me informed that I am not dying and it will all be alright if I can just make it until something isn’t growing in Texas.

She found this tree while attending an event at the convention center so we packed up everything and drove down to downtown for a little while for another experiment. It’s a giant tree with a lot of stuff that looks like tree cancer, but I’m not a tree doctor so my prognosis can not be used against me when the tree decides to sue. We also dropped into a creek bed underneath 6th street to a place that really didn’t smell that good but looked pretty dang cool.

We then went back to the studio and played with coloring the strobes for a while.



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