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I have some other projects that I do outside of Photography, but most of them tend to never get completed because of one reason or another. I have a Mini DV tape that’s been sitting on my desk for 30 months now from a HD project that I shot in Hollywood, I have yet to digitize it and edit it.

As is my style with everything, I am very spontaneous. I like new adventures. I’m the type of person who will call someone I know 1000 miles from home and see if I can stay the night 2 hours before I’ll be there. This has happened a couple times with my old friend Josh. He says that no one from the old school visits him very often so it’s always fun to drop in on him and go out on the town and eat around LA.

A couple of years ago, my brother and I moved my mother to Texas and called Josh asking if he had a 40 foot parking space in front of his place 2 hours before we would be there. He wasn’t really expecting us. You can tell that he was thrilled to see us as he took us to Burbank’s Fuddruckers

We’ve been out to visit many times and out to shoot with the 24p HD digital cameras that his employer has a couple times as well. It’s the same model camera that Star Wars: Episode 2 & 3 were filmed with. Our fist HD experience was us being goofy for the camera to see if we could figure out how they worked. Our second experiment was actually scripted, though very badly by me, and a volunteer cast and crew came out of the woodwork to make it happen.

Josh got a roughed-up make over by a professional make-up artist.

I don’t remember this guys name, but he learned his part half way through filming on the car ride to our location. He played a very fine russian fellow.

This guy was an Emmy nominated make-up artist who was just about to ship off to work on Pirates of The Carribean 2 & 3 so you can imagine how good this guy really was. I think we gave him $20 for lunch though he was a friend of a friend and was really just doing it for nothing. He’s working on Josh’s old room mate, Drew who provided most of the wardrobe by emptying his closet into his car.

Another woodwork volunteer. He’s basically holding onto an $80k camera, $40k lens and a number of other attached devices that probably cost more than my car. He and another guy donated their experience as grips and camera operators and actors when we ran short.

Lunch time on set with Drew and one of the mystery people who I can’t remember the names of.

It was a fun project. We spent about 4 hours of prep the night before the learn the basics of the camera and did the entire production in about 8 hours.



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