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I do different things. Not all of my world revolves around weddings and preparing for weddings. I like to shoot other things from time to time. My friends Nate and Ulrike Mayfield wanted to do some shots so I got a studio space together and had some fun. Ulrike was the main focus of the shoot, but Nate wanted to highlight his trumpet playing. I think the shoot kind of favored Ulrike…….She was more photogenic.

Nate and Ulrike were some of the first people we made friends with on our arrival in Austin. Nate’s an amazing musician focusing on Baroque trumpets and plays with the Austin Symphony. Ulrike is a K-1st grade teacher at NYOS, a charter school located in North Austin.

My wife, who designs website when she’s not being a full time mom, designed a new website for Nate which is slated to be finished in May. Until then you can see what nate does to make beautiful music at weddings at his website at Four Point String.



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