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Rebel with a Camera Bio

Some things are not as they seem

Life is an adventure with Travis and Christina! Married since 1998, these two lovebirds do everything together and can’t get enough of living the crazy life as friends, lovers, and wedding photographers. They met in middle school in 1989, and Travis was instantly fascinated by the very precocious and intelligent Christina. It was not love at first sight, and it took a considerable amount of patience on Travis’ part before Christina came around and reciprocated his obsessiveness. They dated, sort of. Then they didn’t. Then they dated again and have been inseparable since. They married in Oregon in 1998 and could hardly wait to start their life together and begin their fabulous adventure. Both of them attended Southern Oregon University studying computer science, but Travis’ brain refused to understand the Java programming language, and a new path opened up for him when he had an epiphany to study photography instead.

Travis had been shooting pictures since 1994. It first started as a fun hobby, and after studying computer science became impossible for his impossibly creative, unpredictable brain, photojournalism became his true passion in college. He turned his studies into a career as a photojournalist at a small newspaper in 2002. After many amusing and fantastic assignments and an Associated Press award for photojournalism, Travis got bored with the news game and opened his own studio shooting high school seniors, weddings, engagements, bridals and families. He soon found that he really was terrible at photographing families, babies, and pets and focused on what he excelled at and understood: the love between a man and a woman at a wedding and fashionable bridals, engagements, and high school seniors. His skill lies in shooting what he knows.

Christina’s brain was made to program. Her analytical mind was apparently perfect for figuring out programming puzzles and processing the abstract. She spent time programming for a defense contractor that made rubber ducky bath toys (wink, wink) for the military and enjoyed figuring out problems that made it possible to do what would otherwise be impossible by human hands. She did not begin shooting pictures until 2006 when Travis gave her a camera at a wedding and told her to start shooting. She found she enjoyed this much more than programming though she is the main architect of all of the iterations of their Rebel With a Camera websites.

Christina and Travis moved from Southern Oregon to Austin, Texas, in 2006 when everyone began moving to Texas and reestablished themselves as leaders in the photography world rebranding from an eponymous name to Rebel With a Camera. As Rebel With a Camera they have photographed countless weddings all over Texas and have had nothing but non-stop excitement in Austin. Travis and Christina live and work out of a craftsman style home that they have been personally renovating into the home of their dreams. They have two sons, Edmond and Corbin, who are creative brainiacs and two cats, Andy and Annie who are not creative brainiacs. Come join the fun and have Christina and Travis photograph your wedding, bridal, engagement or senior portrait. We’ll make it unforgettable!

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