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Flash Your Junk

THE off Camera Flash Workshop

Now I’ve got your attention!

To say that I am excited about off camera strobes is an understatement. If you ran into me on the street and asked me any question about strobes, transmitters, light modifiers or anything photography related I’d talk your ear off for 30 minutes then try and drag you back to my car to show you how I do it with more glee than Goofy. As a warning we do not suggest that anyone go back to just anyone’s car. Stranger danger!

But I am excited about off camera strobes and love to share my knowledge with other people willing and excited about making their craft that much better. I want everyone to be as excited about strobes as much as I am and be able to laugh as the sun goes down. It is truly liberating to no longer be a prisoner of the sun!

This workshop is about teaching people how to mix natural light with off camera strobes of a couple different types and the benefit and power it gives you to create interesting images despite poor or no natural light. While I think everyone should know flash technique and how the gear works it is a tool in your bag; it is something that can be added to your already great repertoire for image creation.
Where is the workshop?

Austin and Houston. You can go here for a schedule.

Why teach?

Why indeed! I love to talk about my flashes and talking to my clients about my lighting technique during a shoot is generally met with polite amusement. So I’ve decided to find a crowd that would find the information more useful.

Why should you learn?

Because the sun goes down. Yes, I said it. The natural light that everyone prizes so much isn’t there for a large portion of the day so what are you supposed to do then? Yell at the darkness? No. Get out the flash! But it doesn’t end there. Once you get out the flash and learn how to use it you can even use it when the sun is still up and combine natural light and flashes for a truly fantastic visual experience. I learned flash so I could consistently light wedding receptions which most of which were oddly at night when getting falling down drunk is more acceptable. But I love flash because it gives me the power to shoot pretty much anywhere any time.

lake-travis-wedding-photos (19)
Is it hard to learn flash?

Not really. I’ve been reading a book on air conditioning for fun and that is actually kind of hard and requires government licensing. Flashes are fairly simple once you get past all of the selling points. So much of what they use to sell flashes is kind of useless to most people who use a flash. Come with me and I’ll make it easy and fun.
What will I learn?

What won’t you learn?! Will you learn how to bend light using only your mind? Um, No. You won’t learn that. But you will learn:

Types of strobes

Types of modifiers

Types of transmitters

Manual Vs TTL

One light is awesome but two is AWESOME

How to mix strobes with available light
Fun senior portraits at Butler Park in downtown Austin, Texas.
Do we get to shoot during the workshop?

Yes! We will be having a ‘see and feel’ lecture about the gear that I am using to shoot with along with some theory to begin the workshop and then we are going to venture outside to shoot.

What should I know?

It would be greatly helpful if you already were familiar with manual exposure on your camera, how f-stop and shutter speed relate and affect your image, and why white balance matters. Without knowing this, how the flash functions will probably seem like witchcraft or whatever the acceptable term is today for completely mystical and baffling.
Do I need to bring my strobes?

You can, but we will not be using them during the workshop. After we are done shooting the outdoor session I would be happy to answer any questions about how your gear works to the best of my ability.

What camera should I have?

Any camera that accepts an SLR Canon or Nikon flash will be perfect so you can use your camera to shoot during the workshop. And digital will be helpful. If you are one of the retro shooters who is using film you may not get much out of the class until you get the film processed.

Also a notebook would be good to have or an iPad or your phone or smart watch or whatever you need to take notes. We do not allow video to be shot of the workshop.
fun-austin-wedding-pictures-at-mercury-hall (2)
new-years-eve-austin-club-wedding-photos (2)
Do you do one on one mentoring sessions?

Yes. I travel during the summer on the west coast of the US and have stopped in for a day long one on one session for several photographers who want all of my attention. Unfortunately this is the type of thing that is hard to schedule but don’t let that stop you from contacting me about it. Perhaps we can work something out while I am out and about.

Can’t I just get all of this information online?

Sure. I’ve learned a tremendous amount online. But the few times that I went to workshops and could feel, see, touch, and smell the gear and operate it myself I learned 50 times faster than digging through the internet watching videos and whatnot. Going to a workshop also helped me to make decisions about gear to buy because I could try it out and see how it worked without the people at the local camera store breathing down my neck. Plus ther was someone there who knew the ins and outs of the equipment who could answer questions but didn’t have a commission riding on getting you to like that gear.
What should I purchase after the class?

I have a bunch of gear that I use and every year I review what is out there to see if there is something that will fit into my way of shooting better than what I have. So far there hasn’t been much new so I created this list of my gear on a webpage which I will periodically update with new and cool gear that I feel is fantastic and adds functionality.

What does the workshop day look like?

Sunny with a chance of strobes. Okay, probably not. We will start earlier in the late morning or early afternoon talking about strobes. How they work. How they interact with your camera and what the limits are because without limits there is no consistency. We will do a little bit of shooting indoor with a strobe where everyone can have a chance to shoot a model. Then we will venture outside where everyone will shoot and learn to mix the off camera strobe with available light. There’s a good bet it will go later than expected so don’t make other plans in the evening!

wedding-pictures-at-thurmans-mansion (3)
How much is it for the workshop?

To register for the class it is $450 paid in full when you register. You can register via our shopping cart for the date that works for you. The tuition is non refundable but is transferable.

How many students is the workshop limited to?

Each workshop is limited to 10 people so that everyone can have a chance to shoot during the shooting session.


I learned so much through my 1:1 mentoring session with Rebel With A Camera. Travis was very patient as a teacher and not only did I gain education on lighting but also technical aspects of my camera I had never explored before. These have been a great benefit to me especially in my pursuit of wedding photography. I feel like I go into situations much more confident now as a result of it.

-Aly Whitney-Plaut


It’s hard to sum up the amount of knowledge Travis was able to teach me in just a few hours. His ability to rewire the way you think, to be able to accomplish the lighting and technique I was after is outstanding! I cannot wait to take another class.

-Maria Beltran

I’m primarily a natural light photographer. My career has spanned 17 years and I’ve been documenting life for over 20, in other words I’ve been doing this photography thing for a long time.
I love shooting weddings . . . well until the sun goes down. Then I have to bust out the Speedlites. In preparation to the impending doom I say a prayer and do a dance to the flash fairies and hope they will have mercy on me yet again, so that I might yield a bountiful crop of acceptable shots and even some awesome shots that I could get excited about. Ok I’m exaggerating about the dance but the rest is the honest truth. It can be very frustrating and disappointing.

Over the years I’ve taken a couple online courses that touch on the topic of flash. I only rarely use my flash so putting the time into really educating myself and experimenting so I could feel confident and skilled never happened.

Travis has opened my mind to the creative possibilities of flash. I went from only using flash for “emergencies,” to thinking how can I use flash to add dimension, color and drama to an image.

When it comes to flash I am just above the “Flash for Idiots” stage, I just started using the manual setting a couple years ago. During the lecture part Travis, graciously uses terminology that I could understand and follow and if I had a question he would elaborate. He also is adept at demonstrating his technique. What was really helpful was he had me shooting, using equipment that I already own, the stuff I actually use when I work. I am a hands on learner and this helped to cement what I was learning and build confidence. He taught me how to use 3 flashes together, I’ve never done that. Wow, my images really popped!

Then he went a step beyond and introduced me to equipment like strobes, gels, and Pocket Wizards. Travis was the catalyst in dispelling the mystery I had associated with such equipment.

It turns out there really aren’t any flash fairies, just knowledge and experimentation that leads to confidence and mastery. I may never be a master but this class has spurred my interest in incorporating flash and shown me it is completely within my ability to create dynamic, consistent images with flash. Thank you Travis!!

-Coral Lee Carlson


Workshop Schedule

Click on a date to book the class. Spots fill up fast so be sure to book early.

March 21st, 2017
Austin, TX
1 p.m. – 9 p.m.

March 28th, 2017
Austin, TX
1 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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Like to get in contact with us about the workshop? Have specific questions? Want to get more information about a one on one session with Travis? Drop us a note!

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