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Edmond and Corbin are my two boys and they are sometimes very loud. They woke me one school day with a whole lot of screaming about a tie for dress like your teacher day at school. At least that’s what I thought it was. Edmond is in first grade and dressed in an ill fitting suit from the 70s with a t-shirt with a tie attached to the collar. If didn’t have the tie he’d of looked like a college professor. It was adorable and after he got home from school I decided to shoot a few shots of him in my back yard to try and new lighting technique. That’s what photographers do, ya know. Always seeking the perfect light that makes people look perfect.

I really didn’t want Edmond to have the super model look but that just seemed to be all he could do. I guess that’s a good thing if ever needs to be dramatic in life. It hasn’t done me a great deal of good, but you just never know.



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