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Everybody needs time away from their kids. Only Nazis think otherwise. I decided to take a week long vacation with my wife and chose a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on the Crown Princess as my way of escaping from the children. We flew into Ft Lauderdale, popped onto the boat, shut off the internet and the phone and started doing what everyone does on a cruise ship: eat! We aren’t really big on the live music or stage shows, but we certainly love food prepared with care and presented beautifully. We stopped at four ports of call: Princess Cays in the Bahamas, St Marteen, St Thomas and Grand Turk.

It was a blast and a wonderful quiet voyage and I look forward to going on another one again when we have some time.

One really cool thing that they had on the top of the ship was a giant TV screen where movies would play every night and serve fresh made popcorn made with real butter.

Christina looking over Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale.

On the tender to Princess Cays.

I love bread.

I’m pretty sure that all of the palm trees were planted on all of the islands we visited. Apparently an island isn’t tropical without a palm tree.

My beautiful wife on St Marteen

I think I drank too much at this place in St Marteen. My head was pounding and I was really thirsty, but ran out of water.

Christina and an escaped gorilla. Or maybe it was Christina and her dad. I sometimes get confused by that.

Christina in the ocean in front of the Crown Princess at Grand Turk.

Just about the last people on the boat, we got my father-in-law to snap a picture of us before it left without us. We had some much fun on this trip and stopped at such wonderful places that I think we’ll go on the same exact cruise again, but take the kids. Should be fun!



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