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My son Edmond and I participated in the Cub Scouts ‘Lad and Dad Bake-off’ where we created this bizarre contraption of culinary confusion. The deal was that we got no help from Mom which was a dangerous road to travel. My hat now goes off to the cake makers who provide elegant, beautiful memorable wedding cakes that I see at so many of my weddings. I had always figured that anyone could do it and it was only flour, sugar and butter. How wrong I was. It took us three hours to create this baked confection that nightmares are made of and ours came out of a box and was not from scratch. All in all , we actually did a pretty good job for our first try. The Cub Scouts auction off the cakes as a fundraiser every year. I suppose we’ll have to plan ahead next year and learn a little more about how to make cakes. We’ll have to go to Simon Lee and get some tips so we can have a killer cake next year.



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