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Funny how things don’t work the way you expect. We loaded the truck on Tuesday with the help of many fine photographer friends. Litttle did I know that the truck had been over loaded by 2600 pounds. At 7:45 we left Grants Pass and took my truck to a shop in Medford Wednesday morning after finding out the lights on the trailer weren’t working right. The guy at the shop drove the truck into the shop and told me the truck was way too heavy. Oddly enough I had weighed the truck the day before because I was concerned and had called the local Budget rental place to find out the max weight. I was told the incorrect weight at that time and the guy in Medford told me so. I made a little bit of stink and the guy in Medford made some calls and they offered me another truck that was bigger at the same price IF I would unload the old truck load the new truck myself. I said sure and I went from a 16 foot truck to a 24 foot truck. It took 90 minutes for us to load the new truck and we had so much extra room we decided to go back to Grants Pass to pick up the stuff that we had left behind. We picked up everything in Grants Pass and finally left at around 1:45 p.m.

It was hard driving. The 24 foot truck was so big that it was like driving a semi truck. If I took my eyes off of the road I would start veering off. The truck lanes are bumpy. Since we left late we drove into the night which was really tough. All of a sudden my gigantic truck became 10 times harder to drive. I couldn’t tell when I had actually passed someone or not. Some trucks would actually signal that you had passed but not a lot. Edmond came with me and played chess on the laptop screaming every time he lost. Now that we were driving this huge freaking truck we had to stop at different places to get fuel. We were almost as long as a semi with the trailer. We found that truck stops like Petro, Pilot and TA all have wireless internet broadcast out to the drivers in their trucks. That might make this blog a little easier in the next couple of days. We got into Turlock at about 11:40, left our truck in the Walmart parking lot (they are good for something) and went to Christina’s Aunt Mary’s house to sleep. (Thank you so much to Aunt Mary for rearranging her whole day for us, taking us in 12 hours later than we said we’d be there, feeding us, and sending us off with lots of goodies-CSG) I felt like I had been abused by an angry bride at a wedding after driving that truck for 10 hours. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.



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