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It became too much of a pickle to continue posting during our trip after 12 hour days of driving the truck. But now that I have slept for another couple of days in my new home in Texas I am feeling up to giving an update. WE MADE IT! There are boxes all around the house and we need shelves very badly for all of those books that we own but don’t look at and will never read again. Everything else is falling into place slowly. We finally got the key to our mailbox and got the internet working and have the kitchen set up. We have our own washer and dryer again and a lot of space for all of that stuff that has been in boxes for the last year.

It’s wonderful weather here. It was 67 yesterday and is supposed to be warmer today. Every morning the sun rises and comes through my window. There isn’t any fog like in Grants Pass. It hasn’t been cloudy yet and according to my brother it gets cloudy to rain and then leaves. I love it and am happy that I was able to take my family away from Grants Pass, it’s destitute people, hopeless employment situation, overpriced housing and foggy, foggy fall, winter and spring. Ciao!




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