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I never buy anything for myself. The last thing I bought for myself was an Xbox in November of 2001. It still kind of works too. With a lot of yelling a some banging Halo will start up and even load the levels. Halo 2, on the other hand, does no such thing I and stuck playing the wonders of Halo without the option of a gun in each hand. Halo 3 is still only a dream. My family has always come first and everything is more important than toys where daddy gets to shoot his friends and blow up stuff.

This year I finally broke down and caved under the carefully crafted advertising and media hype of the iPhone. Actually I wasn’t all that keen on the iPhone because of it’s extreme price and devotion to AT&T and wished for a device like it but without the phone part and necessity to pay a cell phone company $60 a month even to use it as an iPod. They read my mind, those buggers. Out came the iPod touch and I was hooked. They had figured out a way to get $300 out of me. And I am the first to admit that this little gizmo is incredible. Though they’ve locked the iPod Touch up to the point that it’s a little frustrating when trying to view my own website, a custome designed PHP site with embedded Flash which is not supported by Safari nor does it seem they will support Flash, it still has a whole bunch of things on it that are really useful and I have enjoyed having a new toy that I can play with.



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