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engagement, bridal, or high school senior portraits


$ 500

Package for engagement, bridal or senior portrait

  • Portrait session includes a two hour location shoot and the edited high resolution digital files from the shoot. We pride ourselves on the best senior, bridal and engagement work in Austin. Want more information? Read the FAQ below.


How do I book the session?

Contact us and set a date and pay the deposit. The deposit is $100 plus sales tax. The balance of the session is due on the day of the shoot.

How many clothing changes can I do?

Three outfit changes are what there are time for during our regular session.

What if there is bad weather at my portrait session?

You have the option to shoot in the bad weather or reschedule. We typically watch the weather as the day progresses and make a call on whether to reschedule a few hours before the session. If you have hair and make-up scheduled before the session we will make the call earlier in the day.

How long is a portrait session?

The session is approximately two hours long.

If I choose a location that requires a fee, who pays the fee?

You pay the fee for a location that is not a free public place.

What can I do with the digital files I get from the session?

You can make prints, share digital images, and share to social media.

Do you have a short session that is cheaper?

We do not. But if you want to bring a friend and split the session that is fine.

How many locations can we shoot at?

We can shoot at up to two locations if they are easily within a reasonable driving distance. The more we drive the less time we shoot.

So I get the digital files?

Yes. They are edited and high resolution.

How do we get the files?

The digital files are downloaded via the internet.

How long does it take after the session after the shoot?

One to two weeks after the session the images are ready to be downloaded.

Where do I change my clothes?

You can change in your car or in a nearby restroom.

Do you have a studio to shoot portraits in?

We do not have a studio. People in Austin want to shoot outside 98% of the time so having a studio makes no sense.

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