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I had a lot in common with Cassie. Both of us had moved from Oregon in the last few years. She missed it. I was curious about how she had been adapting to the heat and allergies and she said she wasn’t. It was too hot for her in the summer. I understand that. Boy can it get hot here with that bloody humidity. Oregon has none of that and will scarcely get above 100 degrees in the summer though I’d seen it hit 110 more than once. But don’t everyone get all excited about this magical wonderland called Oregon and pack up you stuff and move there. There are a couple things that you should know about it: There are no jobs. The weather is dreadful. Now some people don’t have a problem with these issues in the least and either make money somewhere else and spend when ever they can in Oregon. Many people don’t mind the weather either.

So Cassie was a friend of Madison who had been in a little earlier this month for her senior portraits. They were both dancers, something I just for the life of me can not get my mind wrapped around. It’s amazing how people are able to move their bodies with such elegance. I find it fascinating that they understand movement in such an amazing way to make it an art. Much to the dissatisfaction of my wife, I have absolutely no idea how to dance other than in a sort of flopping fish sort of fashion not in the least becoming.

We shot at a new location with Cassie. The Littlefield Home on the UT campus and found it to be a cool place. We ended our shoot with Cassie climbing into a fountain after the sun had set in a party dress!



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