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Cecily used to be in track. Sometime I think about people in track and wonder what motivates them to keep going. The burning pain in my lungs and my screaming thighs generally deter me from engaging in any running for a greater distance than a hundred yards. After that I collapse onto the ground like I’m having a heart attack and lie there for 15 minutes wondering how people run further than a hundred yards.

As evidenced by the first picture, Cecily had no problem with running further than 100 yards and doing it fast. She also played lacrosse which to me is still a mystery sport which involves a ball and a basket on the end of a stick. I’ve never seen it played, but can only imagine what kind of chaos may happen on the field where every player has a basket on a stick and no armor at least for the girls. I’ll have to see a game someday. It was a fun shoot and we had fun with Cecily and her mom Beth.



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