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Today was one of the first uses of our home studio for a senior portait. It went fabulously! Rose was happy and peppy and ready for anything! She had a great sense of style. Back on the West Coast, we shot a good 50 seniors a year and just about every other senior would request to be photographed on ‘the couch.’ ‘The couch’ was a 50 year old white vinyl covered loveseat that we had inherited from my wife’s grandfather in Los Angeles several years back. When I had first seen it at the grandparents house, it was in a small dark room used as an office and it was sticky. I had always afraid to sit on it because of that. One day, they were getting rid of a bunch of their old stuff and I suddenly looked at it in a whole new way: it was free! All I had to do was fit it in my little SUV and drive it 700 miles back home. It was mine! HAHAHAHA!

Rose was the first person to request to be shot on ‘the couch’ in Austin and……..I didn’t have it at the house. It was at my office where it was covered with pictures. With a wild look in my eyes, my mind started tripping and we decided to grab the couch and take it outside for the outdoor portion of her shoot and make some cool pictures with it outside. It was fabulous!



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