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Austin Wedding Photography

When I was a kid I dreamed of doing something with my artistic talent. Growing up in Los Angeles where film and television originate, most people wanted to be a model or a movie star, but I was always more interested in being behind the scenes and the tricks of the trade to make people look unbelievable. Photographing weddings and documenting the love of a couple for them to treasure for the rest of their lives is truly a rewarding career. 50-years down the road a couple will be looking at my pictures with their grandchildren which is a wonderful honor. That’s amazing! Let me have the honor of photographing your wedding here in Austin, Dallas or Houston and I’ll preserve your wedding day just for you.


Together with my wonderful wife, Christina, we create beautiful images that can be treasured all of your lives. You only live once. Remember it.


Austin is a destination for weddings

Austin is certainly a great place to get married and I’ve shot so many people from all over North America who come here for their wedding. Whether it’s where they grew up or have family or are dreaming of leaving Dallas or Houston for the more fun and flexible Austin, people have big plans for their Austin Wedding. If you’re planning a wedding in Austin, some of my favorite places to shoot are the Camp Lucy, Nature’s PointBarr Mansion, Green Pastures, The Driskill, Kindred Oaks and the Austin Club. I suppose you could call me a destination photographer, but my destination is Austin, TX.

Bridal Portraits in Austin

Bridal Portraits in Austin are very popular in Texas! They are perhaps one of the most fun things to shoot. What is better than photographing a beautiful bride at one of Austin’s beautiful locations? Travis has been working hard to create romantic, flattering, beautiful bridal portraits in Austin for several years and has succeeded in amazing ways as you can see in our bridal blog.


Engagement portraits in Austin

I think it’s the best thing in the world is to shoot an engagement! Seeing the interaction and excitement between a couple is quite a rush and photographing it is so much fun! I generally make suggestions of a few locations that I know I can make spectacular but I am always open to new places, some of which have become some of my favorite places to shoot. Flexibility is what we are all about and it really pays off after seeing some of the places that were suggested by clients. It has made all of our portraits better!


Shooting a couple is really about getting to know the couple and getting them comfortable enough so they can interact like I’m not even there and many of my pictures are so intimate the couples themselves can hardly believe what I’ve captured. Most of this is achieved by a lot of laughing between the shots that are the keepers as I keep people laughing throughout the whole shoot. Amazing pictures come when you least expect them and I’m always ready when they happen as you can see in our engagement blog.


Love, Life, romance and fun

Christina and I live by those words every day and every day is amazing for us. If you want a couple who have been in love forever to document your special day give us a call at (512) 377-6169 or contact us and tell us about your wedding. We always look forward to another exciting wedding with new people ready to commit their love in marriage.

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