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Where do I start? Lindsay and Berry were crazy I suppose is the best way to say it. But in a fun way.

I know that I am putting myself into a weird class of super nerds by saying that I watch Doctor Who but I do. What’s weirder is that other people do as well and if a wedding has the Doctor Who themes music during the reception it’s got to be a super nerd wedding.

Lindsay had her dress custom made by Wonder Woman right here in Austin. It has to be one of the most unique dresses I have ever seen. Her hair and make-up were done at Avant Salon near the arboretum where she got a really retro 50s bombshell look done. She raced from the salon to the Driskill where she got dressed and then up to the Texas Capital where the she walked down the isle to The Final Countdown in homage to the Bluth family from Arrested Development a far too brilliant for television show that if you haven’t seen you will have to for your life to be complete.

As soon as the ceremony was over everyone was rushed off to the top floor of Buffalo Billiards on Sixth where dinner, dancing and games were played. Air hockey and Foos Ball were the most popular. This is where the aforementioned Doctor Who theme was played. I was quite surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one who recognized it. At 11 p.m. the couple said a brief goodbye and ran across the street to the Driskill for the night.

The formal posed pictures were a little more informal than what I usually shoot.



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