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Down in Houston everything is bigger. Weddings seem to be no exception. The wedding took place at the Hotel Derek and was a fun filled wedding with a lot of surprises for the guests. Their ceremony was very theatrical and Andrea entered like a super model striding in to a roaring fanfare of music and guests applause and cheers. The reception was nightclub themed with moody lighting, blacklights and a bigger than life DJ/lighting effects dude who made it all seem like a rave out of the Matrix. The party ended at 2 a.m. and as we went up the elevator we saw a few guests who asked us if we were going to the after party. I had slept about two hours the night before so we declined and passed out.

Trey was good friends with a professional breakdancing crew based in Houston called the Urge Works who did two performances during the wedding to stir up the crowd and bring them out to dance. I doubt that I will have the chance to shoot pictures of people like this at any other wedding.



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