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Sadly, I was a replacement photographer on this wedding when Ashleigh’s cousin, Michelle, another photographer in the Austin area was killed in a car accident returning from a wedding last year. I quit the WPJA after discussing some of our postings on their forums following Michelle’s death with their arrogant leader a.k.a. assclown the fabulous!

Ashleigh and LJ were really great and I worked very hard to make this day as special as possible. The wedding was held in Rosenburg, somewhat outside of Houston which was the home town of the bride’s father. The family was very adament about us having a hotel the night before the wedding and the night of so as make sure we were safe for the night. The day following the wedding the bride’s cousin’s remains were brought home to Rosenburg.

Since we were already in town we went to their reheasal dinner and then to their rehearsal and even were invited to go with the bridal party to Houston for a fun evening of partying which we declined because we were already exhuasted from traveling from Austin.

The wedding was held in a small Catholic church in a tiny town just outside of Rosenburg.

The bride’s mother’s family were from Lousiana and they were all dancing maniacs. I think I need to visit New Orleans some Mardi Gras and experience the whole thing to really get a good grip on the people and customs. What’s with the umbrella? They all seemed to know what to do with it! Christina was eventually dragged on the dance floor by some family member or friend towards the end of the evening. The band played for half hour after the bride and groom exited to keep the family excited while they cleaned up the hall.



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