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Sometimes it good to let the pictures speak for themselves. But most of the time I can’t find a way to keep myself from typing something the people in the pictures so you’ll have to wade through a few more words to get the pictures. I know that’s what you’re really here for. The wedding was at the church Ashley grew up in and was officiated by this great character of a pastor who sounded so much like Christopher Lloyd. I desperately wanted to hear him say, ‘FLUX CAPACITOR,’ and record it for the website, but I decided that it would be just weird to ask that.

After the Ceremony they drove to Barton Springs Country Club where amazing flowers and cakes and a table filled with Ashley’s family wedding history showed off pictures, Bibles, gloves and other memorabilia awaited the guests. The view was simply amazing loooking out over HIll Country.

Ashley’s dad borrowed this 70s Cadillac for them to exit in and they drove around downtown Austin with us in the back seat shooting a couple pictures before they left for their honeymoon in Canada.



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