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Brittnee and Robert had a really wild time planning their wedding. Robert is stationed in Iraq and only had an 18 day leave to return for his wedding. He arrived two days later than they expected only 5-days before the wedding. I suppose they were just so happy to see each other that they glossed over the incredible amount of stress they were under during planning. I can only imagine how much of my hair would fall out under that kind of stress! They decided on an indoor ceremony because the weather was a little nippy as the sun set and the breeze coming off the lake was like a frozen hell that I even could feel through my down coat. Brittnee and the ladies braved the cold to take advantage of the beautiful sunset at Vintage Villas. It was a great wedding with a great deal of happy family clearly overjoyed at seeing Robert home after almost 8-months.

Wow, this is an incredible cake! Simon Lee can make anything and it always is the best tasting cake around!



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