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What a sweet couple Carlos and Estella made, shy but so perfect for each other. They had a very intimate ceremony at St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown Austin and their reception at the Caswell House where all the proceeds benefit the Austin Junior Forum. Estella is a vegan, so we were a bit surprised that their caterer was going to be Pok-e-Jo’s, but Estella said their chef wowed her with all the veggie options that were available. I was also quite impressed by the vegan wedding cake that Mr. Natural baked up. Moist, chocolaty, and delicious!

I knew Estella was musical, but it was awesome to see finally see a bride perform at her own wedding! She did a very sweet rendition of “You’re Love is Better than Chocolate” by Sarah McLachlan for Carlos. Then he surprised us all with by playing “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds Five on the piano for Estella as she chimed in on the lyrics. So adorable! Then they danced the night away to the sounds of Estella’s dad’s band who came all the way from Laredo.



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