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Google maps kept giving my the wrong directions and was trying to make me go 40 miles further than I had to for Jess and Jace’s wedding in Victoria, TX. One thing I’ve learned about Texas is that every city in the world is somewhere in Texas. Victoria takes the cake as the most humid, sticky place that I have ever been. Not having air conditioning was not an option here. After we found the right directions on Mapquest (Obviously the definitive source for mapping information) we drove down to Victoria and as we got close a weird scum built up on our windshield and I couldn’t drive anywhere without my wipers going. It never ceases to amaze me what drives all of these little towns in the middle of no where. Jessica and Jason grew up in this town of 60,000 and returned for their wedding. Other than the humidity, it was a great place. Lots of old historical buildings. The Catholic church that the ceremony was at had these fantastic weathered metal doors. I loved the shots there. Then off to this weird converted metal barn that was flipping awesome for the reception, the Raisin L Ranch. They partied and danced until midnight when they at last left to sleep a little before their 8 a.m. flight in Houston the following morning.



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