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Our flight left on Thursday evening to Portland. It was a nice flight but my ears plugged up before we landed and continued like that until the next morning. I couldn’t hear anything. Christina and I rented a car and enjoyed the nicest day Portland had seen since the previous year. 70 degrees in April was unheard of and a shock for the locals. After Texas weather we were freezing.

We were in Portland, Oregon, to shoot my wife’s best friend’s wedding. It had been many long years that her friend Jill had waited to find the right guy, but as soon as she found him she decided to get married. Jill was very particular about the man that she married and it just couldn’t be any old guy, so she waited and waited and waited. Christina was her matron (I use the word matron loosely, because there is nothing matronly about Christina) of honor so I was on my own to shoot this wedding.

The wedding took place at an old church which was no longer used as a church and was only used for events such as weddings. The lady who ran the place lived in the attic, though I’m sure it wasn’t your usual attic with cobwebs and spiders. I’m sure it was furnished nicely. It was called the Old Laurelhurt Church.

Everything went well with one exception: The pastor was an hour late. His schedule apparently said 6 p.m. rather than 2 p.m. so it was a good deal of effort to find him, get him dressed appropriately and to the wedding. He showed up an hour after the ceremony was supposed to start.

I will say that Jill and her fiance, Josh, handled the lack of a pastor quite well. They displayed a tremendous amount of patience and grace until he showed up. Then everything ended nicely. I’ve never been to a wedding where the couple didn’t get married.

I must thank my friend, Josh, from Los Angeles for assisting me on the wedding since Christina was otherwise occupied. Josh jumped in and saved the day again!

Christina is the second from the right.

This is the bride’s father, Bryan, who found out that one of the exits from the church wasn’t really an exit.



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