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So we spent the night in Victoria the night before and left late in the morning to find 183 underwater on the way to Judy and Lawrence’s wedding. We had to get all the way up to Driftwood and there were a couple of roads that were closed and we had to make massive detours that filled my heart with fear because I was venturing into unknown territory and I was freaked out about finding water and floating away in my little yellow Tupperware looking car.

But, God is good and there were no delays at all in getting where we needed to go even though we drove an extra 40 miles.

Judy and Lawrence were fairly quiet. I was having a heck of a time reading them when we first met. They didn’t laugh at any of my bizarre humor. But I think they were just a little shy and I’m a little weird. But their ceremony was probably the sweetest one I’ve seen this year. They had family from Asia at their wedding and they had planned on the wedding being an opportunity to witness with a very Christian message and Communion. They said this was probably the only time these people would ever hear the Gospel in any way. It was very touching to see that and I felt very honored that they chose me to shoot their wedding. It was a great way to end my summer and start off my August vacation that I so dearly needed.

They had more guest photographers at this wedding than any wedding I have ever been to.



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