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I don’t think they slept the night before but it didn’t seem to bother them all that much. The ceremony was at the LDS Temple in San Antonio in the morning and their reception was in the evening in Round Rock at Chateau on the Creek, so it was a long day. The rain stopped for us that day.

I’ve been working on some new effects lately that I call Glipping. Kind of one of those odd words that pops into my head while I’m sitting at the dinner table that doesn’t really mean anything but gets a meaning shortly thereafter and is put into my common vocabulary quickly drawing odd looks from every one. I call the one that’s on most of these two The Matrix because of the odd green cast to everything.

I just think of those goofy super hero cartoons from Hanna Barbera in the 70s when I see these ring pictures. WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE! And then they’d turn into a mop and a bucket of water or something like that.



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