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Samantha was referred to us by her friend, Krystal. Unfortunately, we were already booked when Krystal was looking for a photographer for her wedding, but she happily referred Samantha to us. Krystal happened to be getting married on November 10, 2007, probably one of the most popular wedding dates ever. There seemed to be no end to the requests we got for that date. Luckily for Amy, she had us booked for that date back in December 06!

According to Samantha, Dustin is related to at least half of Georgetown. They had so many guests on their invite list, they had to have the wedding ceremony one day with close family, and then a HUGE reception the next day. She and her bridesmaids looked just as glamorous the second day probably because Samantha herself is a fabulous hair stylist at the Totally You salon in Georgetown. She is now the personal stylist to the entire Gagnon family!

These beautiful images of Samantha were taken on an abandoned bridge just down the road from her reception. Isn’t her bouquet gorgeous? It was beautifully arranged by A Matter of Taste in Georgetown.



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