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Where do I start? So many things were fun at Stormy and Jeremy’s wedding. This event took place at the old LRCA electric factory in New Braunfels which is an amazing place. It was converted into apartments with a great event center near the front with a 70 foot ceiling, multiple levels and an old industrial crane for lifting really heavy things that dangled a giant hook over the ceremony. It was wild. Instead of the traditional sit down dinner at most weddings, burritos from Freebirds and allowed most of the guests to stand and continue socializing. This is one of those weddings where the posed formals were more fun to shoot than any other part of the wedding and that’s what makes up most of the rest of this blog. When the reception drew to a close the wedding party walked across the river to Wurstfest, a yearly New Braunfels tradition involving German sausage and beer. It seemed to be more about the beer and less about the sausage, but what does it matter to me since I don’t drink beer and don’t eat sausage. I actually don’t recall even seeing sausage at all. I was there for a few more pictures with Stormy and Jeremy on the ferris wheel to finish out the evening. It was a great deal of fun!



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