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Okay. So this one was a little bit on the fun side. So today was a weird wedding. It was a ninth anniversary renewal of wedding vow kind of wedding. I drove up at a little before 2 p.m. and started getting all of my stuff together and walked up to the church to find a hearse in front of the door. Uh……..What’s the deal? I walk in and take a look and there is a funeral, coffin and all the pomp and circumstance of a Catholic funeral mass with a good 100 people in attendance. A good number of guests for the wedding started showing up now and mulled around outside of the building including the groom. What?!


It turns out that the church double booked a wedding and a funeral at the same time on April 1st. The wedding did start immediately after the funeral. Yep, they hauled the coffin out, put it in a car and weeping and sad looking people streamed out of one side of the church while happy and cheerful people came in the other to prepare for the wedding. It was like nothing I have ever seen. The priest changed from his robes of sadness to his robes of happiness and the wedding renewal went off as if the coffin had never been there.

I suppose since it was April Fools Day, it probably looked like a big practical joke. It’s not and now that I look back I think maybe it was all a dream. No. I was awake and everything turned out fine!



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