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Marni and Darrell got married at the Zilker Clubhouse overlooking Austin. My how the skyline has changed since the last time I was at the Clubhouse. It’s crazy! Marni started off having her hair and make-up done on SOCO then dropped in at her hotel room at the Hotel San Jose to slip her dress on then run, run run up the the club house with her girls as fast as she could. During her make-up I popped on over to their house where Darrell was getting his tux on. There was something painted all over the stained concrete floor from a ring bearer out of control the night before. Darrell has quite an ability for tying ties without looking in a mirror. He did a double windsor without looking. Wow!

Their wedding was short and after dark overlooking the city lights. They feasted and then danced until the city told them to stop and then left in a pedicab only to return ten minutes later because the San Jose was a long ways away.

Marni in the Hotel San Jose.  What a great place to get ready and have a few pictures!



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